Jon Morrison

Jon Morrison is passionate about equipping evidence-based chiropractors with the tools they need to reach more patients and scale their practice.

He’s the Co-Founder of Clinic Sites, a website platform used by healthcare professionals around the world. Jon is also the author of “Get Clear On AI,” a comprehensive guide to understanding AI. In this book, Jon navigates the complex world of AI, making it accessible and actionable, enabling his readers to use its potential to scale their businesses.

Jon holds two Master’s degrees: one in Science and Philosophy, and the other, an MBA. Jon is an alumnus of Oxford University, where his best accomplishment was being awarded an Oxford Blue for his leadership on the ice hockey team.

Currently residing in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Jon finds balance in his life by cherishing moments with his wife and their three wonderful daughters. He believes in the power of faith, family, wisdom, and technology to drive positive change in the world.

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