David Seaman

Dr. Seaman is a chiropractor and has BS and MS degrees in biology/nutrition. He has been writing about chronic inflammation for almost 30 years. He wrote the first published scientific article about how diet can induce inflammation and promote pain.

His articles about pain, inflammation, diet, and obesity have been referenced by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Harvard Medical School and many other universities in the United States, as well as universities in Canada, Brazil, Europe, Middle East, India, Australia, Russia, and other Asian countries.

He is a consultant for Anabolic Laboratories and has written several books for the general public including:

The DeFlame Diet (2016)

Weight Loss Secrets You Need To Know (2018)

The DeFlame Diet for Breast Health and Cancer Prevention (2019)

The DeFlame Diet to Stop Your Joints, Muscles, and Bones from Rotting (2020)

The DeFlame Diet for Immune Health (2020)

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