Andy Galpin

Dr. Andy Galpin (Ph.D., MS) is a tenured Professor at CSU Fullerton (California, USA). He directs the Center for Sport Performance (CSP) as well as the  Biochemistry and Molecular Exercise Physiology Laboratory (MEPL). He has a B.S. in Exercise Science (Linfield College, 2005), an M.S. in Human Movement Sciences (The University of Memphis, 2008), and a Ph.D. in Human Bioenergetics (Ball State University, 2011). The CSP conducts, presents, and publishes research and engages in consultations specifically related to the improvement of sports performance through the application of the sub-disciplines on Kinesiology (Biomechanics, Athletic Training, Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Sport Psychology, Muscle Physiology, etc.). The MEPL performs innovative and impactful human performance research by studying the acute responses and chronic adaptations of skeletal muscle (from the whole muscle down to the single cell, molecule, & gene) to high-intensity, power, or force exercise. Andy has published >50 peer-reviewed papers in human performance, >100 abstracts and conference presentations, and multiple books and book chapters. He has presented at dozens of international and national professional conferences for sports coaches, scientists, the military, and more. He also regularly appears on podcasts around the world and in popular magazines, TV, and other media outlets. Andy serves as a reviewer and/or editor for >20 peer-reviewed scientific journals. Andy also works as a high-performance director for elite athletes across multiple sports such as MMA (UFC), Olympic weightlifting, Wrestling, MLB, NFL, powerlifting, and more.

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