Steven R. Conway

A second-generation chiropractor whose passion is enhancing and protecting the chiropractic profession. He is CEO of the ChiroLaw law firm and Conway Consulting Group.   His law practice consists primarily of health law and government relations with a strong focus on Medicare. He is also a partner in ChiroArmor LLC, a chiropractic compliance company.

Dr. Conway has worked with Dr. Michael Jacklitch, CMS and all of the Medicare Contractors to develop a universal national agreement for chiropractic documentation procedures that specifically outlines the required documentation necessary to demonstrate medical necessity of chiropractic care.  He has also provided instruction to MAC claims reviewers to fully understand what documentation should be in the chiropractic records submitted for review of services.

He has served as a regulator with the Wisconsin Chiropractic Examining board for nearly a decade. He fully understands the responsibilities of each state board in protecting the public and maintaining the reputation of the chiropractic profession.

When in full time chiropractic practice his focus included chiropractic occupational health.  Obtaining his diplomate in occupational health he assisted many local and national companies with chiropractic ergonomic programs.  He was one of the first chiropractors to speak at the national safety congress and has had over 6,000 industrial representatives attend his injury prevention programs.

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