Elizabeth Scott

Dr. Elizabeth Scott has always had a passion for horses. She began competing at the age of 4 and has continued to diversify her equine knowledge and experience ever since. Showing horses in Arizona, Elizabeth learned the importance of equine chiropractic care. Seeing the drastic improvements in function as well as the overall health of her own horses opened her eyes to the necessity of chiropractic.  

In 2004, she became an equine massage therapist. When she decided to expand her knowledge and go back to school to learn how to adjust horses, she was faced with deciding between Veterinary school or Chiropractic school. For Dr. Scott, chiropractic school was the best option. She chose Parker University and completed Parker University’s Animal Chiropractic program. After completion, she then became certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.   

Helping equine athletes has always been Dr. Scott’s number one goal. She quickly realized keeping riders and trainers adjusted as well was a game changer in terms of giving horses the very best outcome. Currently, Dr. Scott has a successful practice with about 70% equine and 30% human patients. As with most equine practices a lot of travel is involved. Dr. Scott travels all over the state of Texas and also travels with her current clients to their out-of-state events. It is crucial to know and understand the laws of animal chiropractic and to stay in our scope of practice. Working together with veterinarians is not only best for the animal but builds vital relationships within both professions. 

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