Ed Mylett

Ed Mylett is a highly successful entrepreneur who has blended his unique experiences with a diverse set of practical strategies that have made him one of the most sought-after inspirational speakers in the world today.

As a young man, he attended the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, where he was a three-time academic All-American before an injury ultimately ended his dream of playing in the major leagues. 

At his father’s urging, Mr. Mylett became a counselor for disadvantaged children in what turned out to be one of the pivotal turning points in his life. It was there he first started to appreciate the importance of serving others and laying the foundation for success principles he would put into practice later in life. 

Mr. Mylett is a serial entrepreneur who has enjoyed considerable success partly through his unrivaled work ethic and ability to fire up people with his dynamic, high-octane presentations. 

Over the years, he has been involved in several tech, real estate, medical, and food ventures, among many others, leading him to be named a Success Magazine SUCCESS 125 most influential leader in 2022. 

With a strong desire to help people, Mr. Mylett began sharing his inspirational and performance strategies live and online. In four short years, he amassed more than two million Instagram followers, wrote a best-selling book, and launched a popular weekly podcast, “The Ed Mylett Show.” Mr. Mylett thoroughly enjoys engaging with his followers and is active on several social media platforms, where his posts are viewed several million times each month. 

As a keynote speaker, he has spoken to millions of people. He is equally adept at delivering relatable strategies in intimate gatherings, to arenas filled with 50,000 people, or online to audiences in the hundreds of thousands.     

Mr. Mylett is well known for combining spirituality, faith, the inner workings of the mind, and tactical thoughts and actions to help people produce real changes in their lives.  

He remains humble about his success, attributing his good fortune to his faith in God, his mentors, and the lessons his father taught him throughout life. 

Mr. Mylett is an avid golfer and health and weightlifting enthusiast in his free time. He and his wife, Kristianna, are the proud parents of two adult children.  

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