Alex Vidan

Dr. Alex Vidan has a vision for Chiropractic that reaches far beyond his successful practice in St. Louis. Dr. Vidan served as the Team Chiropractor for the St. Louis Cardinals organization starting in 2010 and during their 2011 World Championship season. Since 2008, he has been a health and wellness consultant for Fox 2 News and has been in over 180 news segments. He was even recently asked to represent the ICA in China and featured on Chinese television. Dr. Vidan has presented to the largest Dental group in the state of Missouri, and works with multiple oral care providers to care for TMJD. Dr. Vidan trains doctors across the world to care for TMJD patients and grow their practices in this massive market. His vision is to get more people under chiropractic care, and help chiropractors expand their practices into a much-needed area.

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